Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Idol thoughts...

...cause Im sure you are dying to know!! ;) Here are my favs ~

Ok, she is my pick to win, not because I want her to (Ill get to my winner later!), but because I think she will be America's pick. Don't get me wrong, I think she is a great choice! She is beautiful and her voice is absolutely effortlessly powerful.
Oh Casey! He is cute, a very entertaining performer, unique, and has that surprisingly sexy raspy growl to his voice. Plus, he just seems genuine and really emotional about his art, I love that!
I have very mixed feelings about her. I love her voice, like Casey, she has that raspy quality that I really like in a singer. Her musical style is quirky and fun. This is where my ambiguity lies though because she doesn't seem to match her music at all! I came to the conclusion this week that it is because she is young, she hasn't embraced her inner quirkiness yet, so it is dying to come out through her music. I want her to make it so she will grow into her true uniqueness and match her music because then I know I will absolutely love her (in true Sugarland style!).

Oh, and I like his "tail!"
He is very Adam Lambert, which is fun and obviously entertaining. That is not what I love about him though, it's his "humanness." He has Tourettes and Aspergers and he is ok with that, he gets emotional and cries on national tv and he is ok with that. I love that, I think it is so important for male figures on tv to show that side and I applaud him for being so true to himself.

and my all time favorite Idol contestant ever (ok, in the 2.5 seasons that I have seen)...
ahh, I adore him! He is quirky and whispery and he looks so effin happy when he sings! Plus, his dancing never fails to make me smile. Love, love, love :)

Ok, thanks for indulging my Idol musings, who are your picks?


Benny and Lily said...

we are not watching it, we're not, we're not
Benny & Lily

Rachel said...

I have only caught a glimpse here and there but I really like that Lauren Alaina? Is that her name? I saw her amazing performance last night of a song I absolutely can't stand.

Lynn said...

My faves in order: