Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Monday {26th ed.}

Happy Happy Monday Everyone!!! Here is what is making me happy...

This shirt
I have listed something else by this Etsy shop before in my Happy Mondays, but I can't help it, her stuff just makes me so happy! Adorably it!
Its here if you want it!
Oh, and this Etsy shop too!
I just love this one, and all of her "quirky character" prints :)
This adorable little guy
Also from an Etsy shop (that Mel shared with me!), apparently its an Etsy themed Happy Monday!
Raindrop cupcakes
Veering from the Etsy overload, these are from another site I love, Bake it in a Cake (thanks to my friend Rachel for sharing it!). Aren't they cute?
On the cupcake note, I made some Guinness and chocolate cupcakes with green cream cheese frosting for St. Patty's day...they were yummy!! :)

My $4 goodwill shoes!! 
Underwear and shoes are the 2 things that I don't generally even look through at Goodwill, but I swear, these ladies called out to me!! (Don't worry, I will still stay away from the used underwear aisle).
You have to wear them the first night right? Even if its just while
sitting on the couch watching Dexter!
Ok, that is it for me this week, what is making you happy lately?


Benny and Lily said...

The shirt is purrrty cool
Benny & Lily

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oo, lots of good finds this week! I especially like that print!!

Heathrow's World said...

I never get why there are undies at goodwill. I mean who is buying those? Nice work on the shoes though. And that shirt is going in my favorites.

Heathrow's World said...

holy crap, who is that model in that Etsy shop?! Hot!

crystal said...

Lisa ~ I figured you would like it :)
Heather ~ I know right?! Yeesh, she has some abs!!

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Garage sale and thrift store undies-YUCK!

Love the shoes, I imagine somewhere there is a drag queen crying her eyes out because they were too small for her. :))