Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Monday {24th ed.}

Happy Happy Monday! Here is what is making me happy....

This picture
Glasses and windblown purple hair, awesome! (gah, Im looking at this picture again and I seriously love it! I want to know her....)
via here
Roasted chickpeas
My newest favorite snack, super simple and really yummy!!
The new Adele cd
Awesome!! She has such a unique and emotional voice and her music just rocks! :)
A clean house....
..even if getting there isn't the best part! We super cleaned yesterday and it is such a wonderful feeling to be sitting in a nice, clean, fresh house!! 

Words with Friends
How fun is this?! My username is kiekokay, if you want to play! (Hey, that rhymed) 

That is it for me, what is making you happy this week?!

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Knowing that I am going to have chipotle tomorrow!

Buying a new springy top/cardigan. It's not springlike outside but maybe if I wear springy clothes, old man winter will get the hell out of my state!