Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Monday {28th ed.}

Happy Happy Monday Everyone!!

Jennifer Nettles (oh, how I love her!!) in a purple jumpsuit!!
I know I have gushed about her before, but she is just so adorably quirky and unique and Im pretty sure she wore this outfit just for me :) Be still my beating heart...

Herbert the Owl Loves a Good Book
Im not joking, that is the name of this print...absolutely awesome!!
see all of Herbert's tale here
This adorable gosling
He looks so cozy and cute :)
from the West Seattle blog
Cats and their eternal search for sunlight
I want to be a cat! Their day consists of following the sun and sleeping in it....sounds perfect!
Comfortable? No. Sunlight? Yup!
Yoga church
My yoga studio has a Sunday morning class with a Bhatki focus, meaning it is basically "yoga church" and I love it!!

Ok that is all for me, what is making you happy, my lovely readers?!

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

It's going to be around 80 here today - that makes me very, very happy. And makes me not want to get on the plane to go back to MN where it is lightly snowing this morning!!