Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Monday {29th ed.}

Happy Happy Monday my lovely readers!

A tree bookshelf...awesome!
My friend Rachel reblogged this from somewhere and I love them! I would need an entire forest though to hold all of my books :)

Naughty Bits
This etsy site is hilarious, she makes little pins out of excerpts from trashy romance novels. I love the idea!
more naughty bits here
Garcia and Reid from Criminal Minds
How awesome is she?! I just love her!

Oh Reid, I just love his brainy and quirky charm :)

Cowboy boots and tights
A friend recently gave me her much loved cowboy boots and I have been dying to find a fun way to wear them. I love these ideas...

Asymmetrical hair
Its cute, its fun, and it screams, "what? I have the personality to pull this off!!"

Hilarious post about it here on one of my favorite blogs!
Ok, that is all for me, what is making you happy?!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Great list again! I am happy that my series 7 classes are over - and that the test will be behind me as of Wed. I am happy that i have a massage booked for Wed night as a reward for getting through the first of 3 finance exam. Woot woot!

Mel's Way or No Way said...

The tree bookcases are just too awesome. I came across a rhinestone encrusted owl ring this weekend and snapped a picture for you. I'll have to get it off my phone and post it for you.

Tonight I'm happy to have my little cat Tippy curled on my lap and purring. I'm also having a giggle at LuLu as she barks and runs in her sleep. I wonder what she's chasing?

Are you getting out and enjoying Seattle?

crystal said...

Mel ~ that is awesome, I love that you took a pic of it for me! And thank you, I am enjoying Seattle more this week :)

Lynn said...

What is making me happy is knowing that you are taking the time to research thte right look for you and my beloved cowboy boots!!! Yeeeehaw!