Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Random Simple Pleasures {8th ed.}

Simple Pleasure #8 ~ The smell of rain in the spring
I have always been really in love with rain....until I moved to Seattle! :( I was upset about this until I realized that rain in the summer and rain in the winter are 2 very different things. In the midwest it only rains in the summer, its hot and sticky and the air has that pre-storm feel, so when it finally rains its a beautiful relief. Here in the Pacific NW though it rains in the winter, so it is always a cold drizzle that chills you to the core, blech! But, every spring when the first real "warm rain" comes along I am reminded of why I love it, that glorious feeling of cool rain on a warm day, and the wonderfully indescribable smell...yup, I love that!

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Mel's Way or No Way said...

I'm currently experiencing our version of the winter Seattle rain.
It makes me just want to stay in bed.
What I'm waiting for is the smell of fresh cut grass and the way the dogs' feet turn green after running through it.