Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Monday {31st ed.}

Happy Monday my lovely readers! Here is what is making me happy....

This shirt
I love lacy items in bold colors and I just think this is gorgeous!
find it here
This "Alpha Dog" picture
How typical...
I love that just his butt is on there...comfy!
Vegetarian options that really truly taste better than the original!
Im a vegetarian mainly for animal rights reasons, meaning that I do did love meat! I like most of the meat substitute products, but I love when I find one that is so good, it actually beats the original. Take that carnivores!!
Yum! These are awesome! I know many non-vegetarians who eat and love them :)
Flo from the Progressive commercials
Usually when a company sticks with the same commercial theme for this long I get annoyed, but she is just so freakin' cute! I love the one when they are talking about things that go together and she says "Unicorns and glitter!!"...makes me laugh every time! Plus I have a serious dork crush on her :)
That is all for me this week, kinda random :) What is making you happy?


Heathrow's World said...

LOVE the Morningstar patties, and I"m not a vegetarian. Also, Flo totally reminds me of Amanda!

Mel's Way or No Way said...

I'm happy for the shining sun, sun SUN!
And little black/white kitties that nag me to get out of bed so she can go outside and stalk squirrels.

crystal said...

Heather ~ Wow, I never thought of Amanda, but now I totally see it!! That is hilarious :)