Monday, August 3, 2009

Ambiguous astrology

I was cleaning out my myspace page that I never look at anymore and found this blog I wrote a couple of years ago (I am not sure why, did anyone ever read myspace blogs?!). I remembered how much I loved the concept of it when I wrote it so I decided to recycle it here. It was also pretty cool to reread it and realize the areas where I have grown since then. I am much more open to things that I do not fully understand which is a goal that I made a wishful statement towards here (ahh, growth...). Ok well, here you go, enjoy;

Ok, a preface to this: I don't really follow astrology, I'm too much of a empirically derived psychology student to believe that my life can (or should) be ran weekly by a blurb in the paper or that my destiny is predetermined by my birthday. I have no judgements against people who do strongly believe in it, its just simply not my cup of tea.

But...with that said; I do tend to fit into the Pisces framework of an introspective, empathetic, always the listener, individualistic kind of person who tends to let people walk over me. Whether that is due to my astrological day of birth or simply coincidence, I don't know...but whatever, I can say "yes, I am a pisces!"

Ok, to the point! I read my astrology in the stranger today and loved it! So much, that my skeptical-about-signs, stubborn self actually decided to blog about it so, here it is.....

"Pisces: Musician Sarah McLachlan told the crowd at one of her concerts: "I feel great about singing really depressing songs." In the U2 song "A Man and a Woman", Bono sings, "The only pain is to feel nothing at all". They are your role models in the coming week, Pisces. I hope they inspire you to feel grateful for your capacity to experience such intense emotions. You’re lucky to be so sensitive! You’re blessed to have so much vital force! So please celebrate your talent for feeling melancholy and overwhelmed. Congratulate yourself for being such a connoisseur of guilt, confusion, and anxiety. you’re more alive than other people. You’ve got a soul as big and wild and deep as the Amazon River."

I just think its an awesome way to look at otherwise viewed negative emotions as an amazing capacity for empathy! What a wonderful way to embrace deep emotions of all forms. And oh, so very true for me. I used to get sad driving over the Narrows when the new one was lit up because it seemed so unfair to leave the old one in the dark like a used up friend! (seriously Crystal, its a bridge!)

But, just to reiterate my skepticism for astrology, here is a quote from Libra that also fits me (I guess I am a Libra this week too!):
"British pop star Kate Nash sent a message in a song to a guy she had a crush on, "I wish that you knew when I said two sugars, actually, i meant three." In other words, her idea of a soul mate is someone who reads her mind and knows what she needs even if she isn’t clear about what she needs..." (not that I'm proud of that aspect of me, but its definitely true!) (ps: I don't necessarily believe in soul mates, but that's a whole different blog...)

My conclusion is that its simply the ambiguity of the statements and qualities that makes it so "fitting" to you. Wow, I wish I wasn't such a psychology student (or analytical Pisces...hmmm...) and could just believe in the un-understandable!

And here is a quote from Gemini that is just for fun!
"It’s an excellent time to seek out new allies, expand your social network, and make connections with influences that will motivate you to grow smarter and stronger. Here are the kinds of connections you might want to be on the lookout for: (1) hard workers who find everything funny, (2) down-to-earth idealists who place no emotional value on having expensive possessions, (3) nerds who are cocky in mysterious ways, (4) humble perfectionists who obsess over the integrity of every little thing they do and then mock themselves for being so conscientious, (5) couples who hold hands and jump into big puddles with their nice clothes on, and (6) sympathetic listeners who will kindly kick your ass if you need it." This one is just super cool because I really want to meet numbers 3, 5 and 6!!!

side note: since I wrote this blog, I have found someone who has allowed me to be a #5 kind of couple, how amazing is that?!


N. Congo said...

Hahah...I wrote some blogs on Myspace too. You've just inspired me to post them on my blog. And I don't think anyone goes to Myspace anymore. Facebook is king...for now.

Lynn said...

I bet you I would make a good number 6!

Anonymous said...

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