Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Monday {48th Ed.}

Happy Happy Monday everyone, here is what is making me smile...

Baggy Cozy Fall Outfits
I love absolutely everything about these looks, they are comfy and scream fall!
see more of her cute outfits here
this one is just too perfect for words!
Bright Tattoos
I find it interesting that there seems to be 2 types of tattoo people, those who like color and those who only have black and gray. I am definitely a color type!
gorgeous, no?
loooove this one!
Banana French Toast
Really any kind of french toast, but banana...oooh, or banana nutella french toast, yeah I think I am drooling!! We had brunch at a place called the Happy Gnome (which was awesome by the way) and there is really no better meal than lazy Sunday brunch with calorific french toast and mimosas :)
Rusty Taco
Sounds bad, I know, but name aside, this restaurant rocks! They have really really good authentic tacos and all you can eat chips with fresh made guacamole, yum! Plus, it is right next to Trader Joe's so it is our weekly Sunday lunch stop.
What is making you smile lately? 

Oh and ps: Happy Halloween!! 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Random Simple Pleasures {13th Ed.}

Simple Pleasure #13 ~ Dog Walks at Dusk
Ok yes, I really enjoy walking the pups! In particular though, the scenic route that we have, in the fall, at dusk is just awesome!
view of the river from the park
Domino kicking up some leaves :)
another of the river
and the St Paul skyline! (ps: Im particularly proud of this pic because I had no tripod and
2 dogs tugging at me to keep walking!)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

I love fall

I absolutely adore fall! Seattle is great, but I really missed the changing seasons while I was there. There is something so beautiful and comforting about fall that is just impossible to describe. Here are some of my favorite highlights though that just cant be beat out by any other season....

The oh-so-beautiful leaves
I love everything about fall leaves; the colors, the smell, the sound they make when you walk through them, and how they make the whole landscape look different each day.
source unknown (but I wish it was my backyard!)
Everything about them, from picking them out, to carving them, to making tasty seeds!
local pumpkin patch
Plus, pumpkin flavored everything!
Coffee, chocolate, cheesecake...yum!
Crock-pot meals
our minestrone
The fact that it is the perfect temperature for all of my favorite clothing items...
cute! (source is full of awesome fall pics)
Seriously, what is better than a sweater?
how cute is Zindle's?!
My favorite accessory; sleeves!
yup, I love them!
Ahh fall, you are so perfect, why do you have to ever give into winter?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Quotation Wednesday {34th Ed.}

I strongly believe that it is very important to experience new places, either through travel or moving. That is why I love this quote so much, because I often find myself when I travel. There is a psychological phenomenon called a dissociative fugue when someone disconnects from reality and unknowingly travels to a new place. By no means do I intend to romanticize the psychopathology of this disorder, but there is a small aspect of it, the idea of a new discovery through travel, that is quite appealing...
"Sometimes you have to travel to a new place to rediscover the old you."-Terri Trespicio
ps: thanks Lynn for sharing the quote! :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Monday {47th Ed.}

Whew, its been awhile, but here is another Happy Monday for you! This is what is making me happy lately...

Drooling over boots
I need really want some new ones, so of course I am seeing gorgeous ones everywhere that I just can't quite justify...

Brian Andreas
I really love his art. Both the quotes and the drawings are just so whimsical and happy.
"for a long time she flew only when she though no one else was watching"
see more here
Cowl sweaters
Maybe it is because I am anticipating a cold MN winter, but I am obsessed with big cowls lately. Doesn't this just look awesomely cozy?
find it here
Sea salted caramel chocolate 
Anything with that glorious combination, yum!

That is what is making me happy this week, what about you? Oh, and Im happy to be back in the blogging world! :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Oh wow, I have been gone for a month!! Where have I been you ask?
Ha, just kidding...well sort of! I started my internship at the prison and have been super busy! I really really love it though. It is so amazing to finally be doing what I have been working so for so long hard for.  More on that though over the next year. Here is a little picture montage of my past month...

First things first, I got my first new car ever and I looooove it!
Isn't she cute? Her name is Sprout :)

It was my grandma's 70th birthday on October 3rd, so my mom came into town from Seattle and we drove out to see her. It was awesome to spend time with my mom and to see my grandma on her birthday. My family is absolutely amazing!
2 weekends ago we went to a corn maze/fall festival with our upstairs neighbor, Roma, and it was surprisingly fun. There was a corn pool that was oddly comfortable, I kind of want one!
 Oh, and alpacas!! (which I also want)

Fall here in St. Paul has been absolutely gorgeous. The dogs have been enjoying extra long walks through the beautiful colors and leaves. 
As much as I loved Seattle, I forgot how much I enjoy the distinct seasons here in the midwest, fall in particular. 

Well, that is where I have been. Sorry to be so distant, I am getting settled into my new schedule and will be back to blogging as usual now, thanks for hanging in there. What has everyone else been up to?