Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Monday {2nd ed.}

Here we go, I made it to the 2nd edition!! Yay me :)

Off the shoulder shirts
I am in love with these recently! I think a lot of this obsession is due to my new awesome owl tattoo ;) ...but I also just think they are such a cute mix of comfy and sexy, plus they just scream "fall!!" to me!

My owl tattoo!
Well doesn't that just lead nicely into my next item?! :) Ive had it for about 2 months now, but Im still just so smitten with it! Isn't he cute...?
(Ok, I have realized that a lot of people are finding this post through an "owl tattoo" search, which is great but please don't steal my tattoo people, what fun is that?! Find a good tattoo artist and get one drawn up just for you...that is why it is art!! Nobody wants identical tattoos, they are such a beautiful route for individuality!) 

Adorable dog photography
Ahimsa, where we take Zindle to her training classes, has a bunch of pictures up by Dane+Dane studios and I love them! What a fun job that would be!
Fall always brings me back into my tea drinking phase, and also makes me question why I ever left it! Adagio teas is one of my favorite online ordering sites, their simple black vanilla is amazing and Im really excited to try the spiced apple chai! Pikes place market also has a great store called Market Spice for getting teas. They have an entire wall of big glass jars that you can sniff your way through until you find the perfect tea! My favorite there is their Knockout blend of camomile, rosehips, catnip, and a bevy of other delightful stuff that takes me right into bed! Yum...

Ok, thats all for me this Monday! What is going to make you happy this week?!


* said...

I love off the shoulder tops. I still to this day, cut the collars out of my tshirts and wear them that way...I hate feeling strangled and well, I guess I'm stuck in the 80's. c:

Two French Bulldogs said...

Hey lady thanks for stopping by. Your whoo..whoo..hoot owl tattoo is cool. Mom said Don't even think about it."
Benny & Lily

crystal said...

kym ~ I have multiple sweatshirts in my closet that have felt the wrath of my scissors! :)
Benny and Lily ~ gotta wait til you are 18, sorry! :)

Rachele said...

Your owl tattoo is cute! I totally get why you are smitten