Little ol' me!

I just figured out the pages function, yay!...still working on this though, be patient :)

So this is me! I started this blog as a way to release all the words floating in me head. Im a therapist in training and am always such a proponent of journaling. So, this is my journal...complete with pictures and ready for the world to see!

A bit about me; Im 27 and live in Seattle WA. Im originally from North Dakota, so Im the best of both worlds :) a country girl at heart who thrives on the opportunities of a city, but thrives on the simplicity and serenity of open spaces. How do I feed both needs you ask?! I find every bit of nature I can in this busy life and embrace it!

Im an animal lover to the core! I currently have a life size zoo crammed into a shoe box. Domino is 105lbs and a huge love. Zindle is a firecracker in a svelt little body. Melman is a dog in a cats body! :) And Squash...there are no words to fit the quirkiness of my Squishy!