Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Girl with the Owl Tattoo

...yeah, I used the reference, I never claimed that I wasn't a dork!
So, I finally got my owl tattoo and I love love love it!!

How adorable is he?! How could you not love a tattoo with a cute owl and books?!

He is also special to me because he represents all that I have acomplished and all the drive I need to find in order to finish. As I mentioned before, Ive felt a bit of a *blah* reaction to any graduate academic acomplishments. Im also lately feeling very burnt out and apathetic towards the process, which I hate. So, I rewarded myself :) I wanted to mark my finishing coursework and give myself motivation to get back to working on my dissertation. I think it has worked, Im a dissertating maniac lately!!

1 comment:

Lynn said...

It is sooo you! Whoooo who who... heh heh, I couldn't resist!