Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The complexities of balance

I am continually amazed by the complex nature of the human beings. It is phenomenally amazing to me how diversly individual we are and I am constantly in awe of how these aspects of who we are affect us on so many levels. (Obviously I am in the right field...) There are so many ways in which we can understand ourselves; I, for one, am an introvert and Pisces. I am such a proponent of insight and self awareness that I find it baffling when people are not interested in understanding themselves to the deepest degree....

Anyways, this is probably one of the main reasons that I am so drawn to yoga. It is all about the internal process and the meaning making within the poses. With that in mind, I have noticed that I have this strong pull towards inversions, but I also have a lot of resistance towards them. This was frustrating me because I really like yoga and feel like I have been making huge gains in my practice...except for inversions! Well my new favorite instructor started our practice the other day by explaining the different Doshas and how people can often feel off balance during the season changes due to the switching between Dosha foci. (Eeek, amazing right?!) As she was explaining them I was thinking, hmm...I wonder what I am. And then she got to the Kapha which is, well, me in a nutshell!! Someone who is predominately Kapha is; relaxed and slow moving, compassionate, prone to depression and strong emotions, has slow and reflective speech, not easily upset, prone to emotional or seasonal weight gain, self sufficient, among other things... But basically, this. is. me.

I know all of these things about me, but it is absolutely amazing to me to have so many different forms of thought confirm this about myself. Come on people, this is why self awareness is so interesting!!! Anyways, Im getting off topic here. My point was that this discovery of my yogic Dosha gave me insight into my ambiguity towards inversions. As a Kapha, I am very grounded and therefore feel comfort in the grounded poses, case in point, my favorite pose (well aside from corpse pose because, come on, its freaking heaven!) is tree pose. I love it and I feel so comfortable and right when I am in it.

So, what does this mean for inversions? They are pretty much the opposite of being grounded, they are turning yourself literally upside down! So, it is out of my realm of comfort. This also explains though why I am drawn to these poses, our internal selves strive towards balance even when we are externally unaware. Balance for me as a Kapha, would require poses that are out of my comfort, away from my grounded familiarity. How absolutely phenomenally amazing is it that my body and internal state both knew this and were simultaniously pulling against the need for both comfort and balance, all without me even knowing it? I mean really! Am I the only person who finds this to be so fascinating?

The even better part is that now that I am aware of this, I have a better frame of reference for working on my inversions. Its not just trying a pose that I am afraid of failing at, it is working towards my internal balance. Guess what? This makes it much less scary and I am doing wall supported head and neck stands like crazy now :)

I will continually be amazed by the complex nature of our beings...and I am thrilled for the lifelong journey of getting to know myself!

Side note; As I said, I just learned about this idea this week so I am by absolutely no means an expert. I am currently looking for a book to read up on it, but for now there is more information here, here, and here.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Monday {6th ed.}

Im actually very very happy that it is Monday this week! Last week was horrible and needs to be laid to rest, its a new day.....

Boots with colored tights
I just love this look! I finally found some boots too (thanks mom!) so as soon as I find some fun tights, I will be set!!

Reading that is truly just for fun :)
I started the Guardians of Ga'Hoole series... 
yup, its meant for 9-12 years olds! I likely won't read them all, but its so refreshing to just read without really thinking! There is also just something great about adolescent books, they have a specific smell I think. It is the best of all the book smells and it completely takes me back to my childhood.....ahh, memories!

I know I have gushed already about my love of fall, so I will spare you and just include a cute picture :)
Yam fries at the Bohemian
I am truly sorry to all of you non-Seattleites because I am going to introduce you to something that you will want to hop on a plane for!! (but to all you Seattleites, I would love to go with you!) The Bohemian is a wonderfully quirky little restaurant that I absolutely love! They have these yam fries that are served with 3 different sauces, one is a lavender honey, the combination is honestly a little slice of heaven!! Its was a rough week last week too so guess what? I went and ordered these twice! (ha! take that, crappy week!)
Thats all for me this week, Im determined to make it a better one! What makes you happy lately?!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Monday {5th ed.}

Happy Monday!! Here is what is making me happy....

The Bali house in Eat Pray Love
Im pretty much convinced that I would be forever happy if I could just live in that house for the rest of my life. I would have a garden and live off the land, read books on my patio under a palm tree, lounge in my open air bedroom, ride my bike in to town....yup thats the life! I don't know how I feel about the Balinese culture though actually, but I guess that wouldn't matter in my little personal island oasis...sigh....
(I dont think these are the actual pictures, and they really doesn't do it justice. So, just watch the movie, oh and read the book!!)
Julia Robert's laugh
...while we are on the subject! Is her laugh not the most infectious thing ever?! It is impossible not to be happy when you hear it. What an amazingly wonderful quality to have!

Independent Book and Pet Stores
I love finding great little book and pet stores! I love walking through aisles of old books and finding unique little pet things in hole-in-the-wall pet stores. There are so many of these great shops in this area and I love it. It is so much better than giving your money to a big conglomoration just to get something completely unoriginal!
This is Elliot Bay Books, one of the awesomely quirky book stores here in Seattle!

This is a classic love and it is my ultimate destressor. I have had a bad week and have been really stressed, but it never fails that as soon as I hear "do dododo dodo da dodo..Ill be there for you..." I am instantly in a better mood! Its a security blanket and I don't think I will ever let go :)

That is it for me this week, what makes you happy?!

Friday, October 15, 2010

We are all connected...

Have you heard about this website? It is amazing! Apparently it scans the internet (blog sites and twitter..?) for statements with the words "I feel" in it. It then compiles everything into this amazing visual database to essentially view what people are feeling around the world. There is something about the way they lay it out that results in a profound visual for me. I often feel like emotions are floating around in this scrambled colorful way like this. We all feel these emotions, yet we rarely share in that connection. Its amazing to think that we could just select this emotional dot and instantly feel more connected to those around us. What would happen if we all chose to do that in real life? Wouldn't the world be a more congruent, connected, and generally better place if we were true to ourselves and our emotions?

I love that they chose that name also, we always answer "oh Im fine," why do we do this? Why can't we say what we are really feeling when everyone knows that "fine" is just a way to hide all that colorful emotion under a blanket of gray!

Anyways, check the site out. They have a bunch of features so you can choose to look at only one feeling (people who feel alone, happy, or anxious for example). Or if you pick the "madness" option, you see all emotions at once. I like this one because you can click on one that states a profound emotion that you really react to..and then a second later click on one that says "I feel like dancing" or something simple like that. You can click on the squares rather than the dots and it shows a feeling imposed onto a picture. I love these ones...
I am such a proponent of attending to emotions and becoming congruent with how they are presented. I love the visual that this site presents in relation to that concept. Ironically, I don't feel like I am portraying exactly what it is about this site that hits such an emotional chord for me. I think there are just no words for how some things make you feel. Maybe I just have this strong reaction because I am such an empath, but I really think it is awesome. I hope you guys do too...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stinky Zindle!

Ok fellow dog owners, I need help! Zindle will roll in anything; poop, vomit, dead animals, anything stinky!! It gross and it is requiring too many baths for our liking. I thought about making her wear a sweater whenever she has the potential to be near something stinky, but its usually more in the neck area. Maybe a turtleneck?! Thoughts......
"I hate this!!"
I found this on Etsy, it would work although I think Domino may make fun of her! :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

it does get better!

Well, in honor of National Coming Out day, I wanted to share something that I think is pretty amazing. The It gets better project was started by a columnist at the Stranger here in Seattle. It was meant to honor the kids who have recently committed suicide due to bigotrous bullying. The idea was just to have a simple space on youtube for people to share videos that could give hope to GLBTQ students in middle and high school. Its often a very hard time for a teenager who is coming to terms with their own sexuality in the midst of a potentially very hostile environment, kids can be very cruel!

This campaign has become amazingly huge though! There are thousands of videos, many from famous and influential people, and it has even been featured on the national news. All of this is amazing of course, but the best part is that will all of this attention it is likely reaching thousands and thousands of struggling teens out there and letting them know that it really truly does get better. The bullies and bigots are the ones who grow up to be miserable adults, we get to be the stronger and happier ones. Hang in there guys because its actually quite great to be a sexual minority in the adult world! :)

Oh, and happy coming out day!! You can celebrate by either sharing your coming out story with someone or by lending an ear for someone to share theirs with you...

Happy Monday {4th ed.}

Happy Monday!!! Ive got to say though, Im forcing my enthusiasm today, Im completely wiped out from the constant drain from internship applications and dissertating that is my life lately! But enough about that (for now...) this is a happy post!! Im just explaining why I need a little reminder of what makes me happy :)

Tired Animals
Really, is there anything more relaxing than watching a cat lounge or more rewarding than a dog tired out after exercise?!

I love bed time!! I really really love sleep and bed time is probably my favorite part of the day :) What makes bed time even better? pajamas!! I love the pair that I have now, they are from target and have cute little owls on the pants! But its getting cooler and Im getting ready for something warmer...

I need to learn how to quilt one of these days (ok, one of these years actually!). I love quilts! Whenever I finally own a house, there will be quilts on every bed. I just think that they emanate comfort and I love that they are so unique!

All of the "warmers"
Ill admit it, Im a child of the 80s and I love leg warmers!! 
Im really in love with this new idea of neck warmers. I don't have one yet, but am definitely looking!

And my favorite; arm warmers!! These are probably my favorite accessory ever! They are perfect for Seattle weather and are just so darn cute :)

Yikes, can you tell by this edition of Happy Mondays that Im happy about fall?! Ok, what makes you happy this week? :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Seriously, this is super cute!!

My friend Rachel shared this and you have to watch it! It is so weirdly cute :)

"Im afraid to drink soda because Im afraid the bubbles will make me float up onto the ceiling.."
"Well you know what they say...lint is a shells best friend!"

Yup, its the simple things in life... :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I love calendars, I love owls, I love free stuff! So you can imagine how excited I was to see this post in my reader this morning!

Isn't it adorable?! Here is the link if you want your own... :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Monday {3rd ed.}

Happy Monday everyone!! Here's what makes me happy right now :)

The 2 blue pits that I am petsitting right now
C and G (have to protect their identity!) How freaking cute are they? They are such sweethearts and have the most personality, I just love them!

I really need a pair! I always see some that I love on someone, but just cant seem to find the right ones...
Also though, I think its a necessity for keeping pant legs dry here in Seattle winters. (thats what I tell myself at least!)

I know I have mentioned my love for audiobooks before, but I really don't even know how I ever drove before I discovered them! I actually enjoy, and even look forward to driving now :) I also don't feel guilty about reading "guilty pleasure" types of books when I listen to them instead. Plus, the library has tons to choose from, its free entertainment!
Im currently listening to this one

and I recently finished this one
Both of them had me driving around the block or sitting in my car wanting to hear more!

Handmade soaps and shampoo bars
I have been ordering our soaps lately from Dress Green on Etsy. We get hand soap, shower soap, shampoo bars, and even shaving bars. I love them all! They smell awesome, they have less waste and much less packaging than store bought, plus they support an independent seller rather than a big corporation. Oh, and they are fun to get in the mail because the whole package smells yummy! :)
All right, thats it for this Monday. What makes you happy right now?!