Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lars and the real girl

You know how when you accidentally forget to update your Netflix queue and you end up with a movie that you didn't really want to watch, one that was just on there as a "buffer"? Well that is how Lars and the Real Girl ended up in our mailbox...and then on top of our tv for about a week. Last night we finally decided to try to watch it so that we could return it and get something we wanted. Well, a beautifully serendipitous thing happened....I loved it!

The movie is billed as a comedy about a man who falls in love with a sex doll. They need to fire their advertising exec because not only did that sound really stupid, it completely misses the point of the movie! It is about community, family, accepting differences, and the psychopathology of everyday life (a corny Freud reference for those who aren't dorky enough to recognize it).

Ok this is my synopsis, I will try my best to not include spoilers!

Lars starts the movie off as a painfully socially awkward man in his late 20s. He cant talk to women at all, not even his sister in law. He is basically agoraphobic; afraid of the world outside of the garage that he lives in. His sister in law (who is the most lovable movie character you will ever see!) keeps trying to get him out of his shell but nothing is working. So, he orders a real doll (warning! the site is graphic) but not as a sex toy, he just wants a companion. He goes a little overboard with her; bringing her to dinners and church, buying a wheelchair, and taking her to the doctor. This though is how he meets the psychologist who talks his family into "going along with the delusion" so he can work out what he needs to. The odd thing is that this doll makes him normal! Suddenly he is happy and talkative and...well, "normal." I am not going to tell any more of the plot because I really want you to see it!

I love the premise of this movie because it challenges the realm of "normal." It shows how something that could be considered an illness and weird could really just be a way for the person to work things out. In Lars' case, he needed to work through grief, his pain presented in a socially "weird" way, but he found his own way to work through it. I am a strong believer in feeling emotions and the individuality of experiences. This movie epitomizes that belief in a beautifully weird way!

Has anyone else seen it? Any thoughts? Any other movies that were surprisingly good?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Totally know what you mean about the Netflix 'buffer' - that's how I ended up w/ Newsies. Which I heard is very good, but I'd rather have something else.

This movie sounds really interesting. I remember hearing really good things about it when it came out. Sounds like i need to add it to my queue!

LookingForNormal said...

I loved this movie! even watched it twice and I never do that. I guess I like watching things where people are a little nuts. Just like I am going to follow your blog if possible follow mine also. thanks

Brenda said...

I started this movie the other nite thinking it would help put me to sleep...nothing could have kept me more awake!!

Can you imagine how wonderful our world would be if everyone worked together like ALL the characters in this movie's community with true compassion & selflessness as they did to help just one needy soul? I so wanted to be a part of them & found myself beyond grateful for the likes of them I have in my own life.

A definite movie for all to watch, "I LOVED IT" is simply an understatement.

crystal said...

Yay! Lets spread the word, everyone should see this movie!