Monday, September 7, 2009

Brandi Carlile is awesome!

We went to a Brandi show on Sunday and it was amazing! It was in a small venue so it was intimate and cozy. It started out with an open mic which introduced us to 2 new singer/songwritters (Branduin Stroud and Melissa Harper) who I truly hope are able to form careers because they were really great.

Now for Brandi... She sang a lot of older songs and covers because it was all audience request. She has a great voice and covers old soulfull country songs beautifully. Of course she sang her staples; couldn't go without watching my girl belt out The Story! She sat down before the concert part to answer questions about her new cd coming out, Giving up the Ghost so that was fun. Plus, afterwards she signed autographs during a "meet and greet" and I was less than a foot away from her (picture me glowing)!!

The best part (ok, second best...nothing beats Brandi!) was that it was all for her charity, the Looking Out Foundation. She is great, but not overly famous (yet!). This makes it all the more amazing that she is so dedicated to giving back to others. You can just tell that she dosen't do it for notoriety, she honestly cares. She is very down to earth and you can always sense that in her concerts with their comfortable atmosphere. She always mentions her family and often sings with her mom or sister.

Basically, it was great! Go see her if you get a chance. Her music is so amazingly emotional and it is a great experience to be able to see that in her performances. She loves her music and feels it in a way that resonates through the crowd. I love music with emotion and she epitomizes that.

Plus, I just freaking love her!! ; )


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am going to see her on Sept 23rd & I am so so so excited! She has the most amazing voice.

crystal said...

How exciting!! We will have to compare concert notes :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed the fundraiser that Sunday! It was a labor of love for us and we appreciate everyone's generosity. Looking forward to doing it again in 2010!

crystal said...

I know that "anonymous" is really someone acting like Brandi....but I am going to choose not to think that and be super excited that Brandi viewed my page!...please dont ruin it for me! :)