Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I need a new bookshelf...

...maybe my New Years resolution should have been to start reading some of the books on my TBR list (aka: that overflowing top shelf!) rather than continue to buy more. That would mean no more trips to my beloved Half Price Books though....so no, new bookshelf it is!!


Kym said...

I love books and I have shelves filled with them that I cannot part with. There is something about giving a book away that just tears me up inside...wow, I'm weird.

I wish I could get in there and root through all your books!

Benny and Lily said...

yes you do, BOL
Snorts and Snuggles,
Benny & Lily

Mel's Way or No Way said...

I found a new site to buy used books; Albris.com

Super cheap and they carry rare, collectable and out of print. We looked at an original Mark Twain for over $100,000. Of course, I was just looking but really wish I could run across a copy like that at the thrift store.