Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Monday {15th ed.}

Oops, I forgot about Happy Monday last week!! Well, this one will be extra happy :)

Who doesn't love champagne? Its bubbly, it has it's own special stemware, it generally indicates a special occasion (ps: happy 2011!!), and even the cheap stuff tastes good!! I love the bubbly! :)

Twisty bookshelves
How awesome are these?! Too bad they are ridiculously expensive, but oh so fun! See them all here.

Simple pleasures
I was inspired by this site. I love simple pleasures; "empty house" style dancing, refills you didn't even realize you wanted, fresh sheets, when you finally remember why that actor is familiar, you get the idea! This one is by far my favorite though!! I am considering making some sort of "simple pleasure" weekly post....thoughts?

Getting random "Santa gifts" in the mail
Remember when I was wishfully thinking about my longest running Etsy item? Well it magically showed up at my doorstep the week before Christmas!! Yay, I love it! Its not up yet because I am searching for a worthy frame...but pictures will come! (ps: thanks Lynn ahem, Santa!!)

Zindle's Thundershirt
Have any of you dog lovers out there in blog land heard of the thundershirt? They advertise it as a miracle cure for all bad behavior, which obviously induces skepticism. It doesn't make a dog instantly into a trained perfect companion, but it does take the edge off. Zindle gets ridiculously anxious on walks, in the car, when someone walks by the yard, basically any time she is outside of the house! This definitely helps, plus its looks kinda cute on her :)

What is making you happy so far in 2011?!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am happy w/ the fact that I have remained motivated to study for this darn finance exam so far. There is so much material to learn before I take the test on June 4th, I am happy that I haven't lost motivation yet. ;)

And the fact that my Paris trip is just over a month away makes me very happy. :)

Benny and Lily said...

Like that bubbly. Thanks for letting us know abou the thundershirt. Lily might get one
Benny (& Lily)