Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Monday {19th ed.}

Happy Monday!

Sunday lazy coffee
I love sitting in coffee shops on Sunday mornings. Everyone is relaxed, there is nowhere to rush to, just coffee, a shamelessly fattening breakfast snack, and a good book....perfect!
Bird on a Wire artistry :)

I found this nerd diagram (which is, in and of itself, quite nerdy!) along with an article on the different "nerd varieties" in Seattle. 

Isn't it awesome?! I really love nerds and am proud to be one :)
Book jewelry!
...see, I told you I was a nerd! :)
from etsy
etsy again!
Has anyone seen this show? I celebrated passing my dissertation proposal defense (side note: yay me!!) by lounging on my couch and watching 5 episodes from my netflix instant queue our new big tv (which is also making me very happy!). Its a really great show and Best Friends animal sanctuary is an amazing place, I love everyone that works there and the passion for animals that is so apparent in the atmosphere! 


Mel's Way or No Way said...

That coffee looks wonderful right now. On Sunday morning I would never make it to the coffee shop though...I can barely make it out of my PJs.

Dog Town is an incredible show...and Best Friends is on our list as places we want to visit. I have told A many times we should move there. She could easily find a job and I could hang out with the animals all day. Sounds like paradise to me.

Sarah said...

That nerd diagram is brilliant - the best explanation of the three terms I've ever seen.