Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Monday {7th ed.}

Big sigh.....thats all I have to say about this week!

Red wine!!!
(I told you it was a bad week!) Im not a drinker, my crazy party phase ended at about 23 and I have to work myself up now to do anything beyond happy hour. But, I love love my red wine! :) There is nothing like a good Zinfandel to take all the stress away...
The far off idea of this swimsuit...
Yeah, Id have to spend a lot more time at the gym and a lot less time with my red wine in order to ever wear this...but alas, it makes me happy anyways! :)
My mom :)
She really truly is amazing and by far my biggest support! I wish everyone was so lucky to have such a wonderful best friend!
Cupcakes from Coffee to a Tea
They are the best ever! Yum... oh and the calories don't count when they are so adorable!
Bubble umbrellas
How freakin' delightful is this? Plus I wouldn't have to worry about poking someone's eye out when walking downtown :)
Thats it for me this week! What is making you happy lately?


Mel's Way or No Way said...

Left over Halloween candy is making me happy this will make me miserable in a few hours. :)

Happy Monday to you!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Spending the day alone yesterday made me happy. I just really neede a quiet day where I didn't have anyone to see or anywhere to be!

crystal said...

Mel - yeah I gave in to the Halloween candy too, the short time of happiness is worth it :)
Lisa - yup, thats my sort of happy also!

Kym said...

What's making me happy? Having good health...I feel very fortunate to be healthy despite various aches and pains at 43.

Love all your happy pictures!!