Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Monday {8th ed.}

Happy Monday!! Yikes, I haven't posted since last Monday, Ill get better I promise! Well, here is what makes me happy right now...

This Picasso
I went to the Picasso exhibit at SAM on Thursday and loved it! There is something pretty amazing about experiencing art in person

Oh and I also love this Jackson friend Rachel told me that you have to see his work in person in order to appreciate it, and believe me, she is right! It just looks like paint splatter here, but it has amazing depth and movement in person!
Book readings
I also went to a book reading by Nicole Krauss at Elliot Bay Books on Thursday (it was a great day!). I just love book readings, I love being surrounded by other passionate bibliomaniacs. One woman wholeheartedly (and with tears in her eyes) thanked her for bringing a specific character into her life because he was one of her favorite people! I love the unique discomfort that most authors have with public speaking, they can seem so out of place when talking in front of a crowd, but then completely at home when reading a passage from their book. I wish I could write, I should have been an author.....
Lazy vacations
We went up to Whidbey Island and stayed in this cute little getaway studio this weekend. It was my idea of a perfect vacation! Just sleeping in, watching the world go by, eating an amazing dinner in a cute little small town, and basically doing nothing! Ahh, heaven...
Extreme Home Makeover
This show is amazing to me, I think there needs to be more like it. I would love to be able to do this, if I have money it will be put to good use helping others! We need more philanthropy and general good will in this world.......Oh, plus Ty is just so much fun to watch! ;)

Thats all for me this week, what makes you happy?!


rabbit said...

you're in seattle? me too! I've been meaning to see the picasso exhibit at SAM :D

Rachel said...

You can still be an author! You WILL be an author of a dissertation and that is no small thing! One of my rather silent goals in life is to write a book...I have lots of ideas and never really sit down and do it. It feels so overwhelming.

Hopefully we'll get a chance to see some more Pollock's in person someday soon.

I didn't know you went to Whidbey! Ahh, that looked like so much fun! Good for you!

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Your weekend getaway looks and sounds perfect to me.

I've always thought Ty needs some Ativan or Zanex combined with a nice bottle of wine. I think that would bring his energy level down to about an average person. :)

My word verification is "hater". Guess I shouldn't feel that way about Ty.

Benny and Lily said...

my flew to San Francisco to see an art show. She likes that nutty home improvement show too.Cool book
Benny & Lily

crystal said...

Rabbit ~ I am in Seattle, small world huh?!

Rachel ~ thanks, I am going to be an author aren't I?! I do think I will actually write a book one day, at least I hope so :)

Mel ~ It was perfect, a true introverted vacation...
Oh, and yes, Ty is nice to look at but probably a huge pain in the ass to be least if he actually is that crazy

I_Still_Exist said...

Okay this post makes me so jealous. I wish I was back in Washington...furthermore I wish I appreciated it better when I lived there. *sigh* art? AND book readings? What a life. Things that make me happy....bubble baths and books in the winter. Annnd triple iced tall hazelnut soy lattes. Ohhh...and all the little animals that have been introduced into my life throughout the years :)