Monday, August 17, 2009

The inadequacies of our society's paychecks!

I saw a post yesterday on the most underpaid jobs and it made me sick! It said that EMTs make an average of $10/hour. They save lives and are readily susceptible to traumatic experiences and they make about as much as a line cook in a restaurant! Every time I think about how overpayed celebrities and professional athletes and how underpaid the people who are actually making a difference are, I want to scream. When did our society-wide payscale get so skewed?

These are the average salaries with 10 years of experience according to;
Elementary school teacher $50,000 (they are mentoring and guiding our future!)
Police officer: $55,000 (they risk their lives for us!)
Firefighter: $50,000 (they risk their lives not only for us, but also for our possessions. Id say that running into a burning building to save my couch is worth way more than $25/hour!)
RN: $60,000 (they are monitoring our health, working long grueling hours, and by our bedside during our most difficult times)

And yet the popular movie stars are making millions per movie! Keep these statistics in mind the next time you drop your kids off at school or require any medical attention. Please give these people the respect that they deserve because they are definitely not getting paid what they are worth!


Mr. Congo said...

You can' blame the entertainment business for the billions they pull in annually, because the general public will pay what they can afford. People complain about the price of movie tickets going up each year, but guess what? People keep going to the movies and paying those high prices. People continue to pay hundreds of dollars for concert tickets, etc etc.

slynnard said...

I've always thought that was messed up, as well. And like you said, those are the average salaries with 10 years of experience...I don't know about every one of those jobs, but at least in my school district, teachers who are starting out would be lucky to make that much. They definitely deserve more.

crystal said...

I wasn't blaming the entertainment buisness, I know it is our society perpetuating the insanity!