Friday, August 21, 2009

Furry Friday

Domino thinks he is a snake wrangler! Actually in reality, he was terrified of this toy when I brought it home. It is about 4ft long and he would walk all the way around it when it was one the floor. It took our teeny tiny cat playing with it for him to finally get up the nerve.....thats our snake wrangler!!


dewdana said...

OMD! That totally looks like Moose and a python! That is a great pic of a so handsome boy! He does have so much in common with my Moose. :-)

slynnard said...

Domino... Love that name! Looks like he warmed up to the snake. As for the professor, she is the only one who teaches the class I am taking, and it's required for my major. Gotta love super small schools (my high school was bigger than this place, haha.)