Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Anyone want to give me cash for my clunker?!

My car died today. I called roadside assistance to get a jump because I was at a house doing a dog walk. The guy apparently has jumped my car previously (like I said...its a clunker) and said "Oh, you again" when he pulled up. What the hell does that mean? I am a very nice person and you get paid for the 5 minutes it takes me to jump my car! Only I didn't say that, I said "Yup, sorry to have you do this." Why did I say sorry to this man doing his job?!

He jumped my car, left, I ran it for 15 minutes and put it into gear...it died. I didn't call back.

My mom's boyfriend came to get me when he was done at the DMV (another fun experience involving cars!). We jumped it. It died again. We went to buy a battery. He put it in.

5 hours later, I got home! I walked dogs for half an hour, made $12, and wasted 5 hours of my life! Who wants to buy a car?!

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Lynn said...

The purple beauty is veiwing her final days eh? I will tell you, She has lasted longer than I thought she would! It will be a shame when she does go, how else would I be able to spot you on the highway when you drive by me without your purple saturn?!