Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Quotation Wednesday {7th ed.}

This is my favorite one yet!! For one thing, this is a mantra that I have been working hard on over the last year or so. Lets face it, I don't fit into society norms...and I am damn proud of my quirkiness!! :) Unfortunately though, I also place a lot of importance on people liking and accepting me. I came up against people this past year who were very threatened by my differences and therefore used them against me. I allowed their insecure defenses to morph into being insecure myself, and I am not proud of that...but it was a wonderful learning experience and I am now embracing my quirks even more! So, thanks Dr. Seuss for summing up the struggles of my past year perfectly, and with a rhyme!!
Also, I chose a Lady Gaga picture for a specific reason. I have always been a bit hesitant, no lets call it what it is, judgmental (that is hard for me to admit!) about her and her eccentric ways. But, I have seen a few interviews with her lately and have completely changed my mind. She epitomizes open-mindedness and is calling for an unjudgemental generational shift. She has such an eloquent way of stating this...while still being quirky and unique. Awesome!! 


Jude said...

The quote works for me....Dr Seuss no less. Love it.

I needed to get warmed up to Lady Gaga. At first I wasn't sure where she was coming from but now after seeing a number of interviews of her, I see that's she's a down to earth person and very smart. Oh, and I've got tickets to see her when she visits San Diego....eeeekkkkk! ;)

Mel's Way or No Way said...

That's one we should all try to live by.

Gaga, yeah I like her too. She's definitely not a "mindless" face put out there by the industry. She seems very in charge of her career and I respect that.