Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Monday {21st ed.}

Happy Monday everyone! :)

Domino running free at the park
Its so cute to see a dog running frantically at a park, crazy with excitement about which fun thing to do or sniff next! We went to his favorite park twice this week and he was so happy...and exhausted, which is always nice! :)
He is shaking lake water all over me here!
The first outdoor day after a streak of rainy/snowy/or otherwise dreary winter
It was sunny here on Thursday (finally, no rain!) and it was so nice to be outside. I brought Domino to the park and we walked trails for about an hour, then I met a good friend to walk around Greenlake.....there is nothing better to beat the winter blues!
Sunny Greenlake

While we are on the topic of enjoying the (fingers crossed!) spring weather....I might as well mention how much I love Greenlake. Sorry to all you non-Seattleites, but this place is really awesome! Its very "Seattle" in that it is active, healthy, outdoorsy, and quirky :) I have seen people "walking" around the lake while hula-hooping, a guy who brought his chickens to the park with him, there is a guy who is often there teaching spanish....its just a great place!
Greenlake at sunset

This Grammy performance
This song just makes me smile, and who doesn't love Gweneth Paltrow singing with muppets in a super low cut dress and pink feather earrings?! :)

Finding a good book at Costco
I HATE Costco, hate it! Its hell for an introverted homebody like me. But I endure it every other week in the name of value. The only thing that helps me through it? The super cheap book section! Finding a good one makes the whole terrible experience worth it
Ill let you know how it is :)
This song
Its on a movie preview that is on right now and I love love love it!! I used my Android song id app thing (which I also love!) to figure out what it is and I am going to oder the cd from Amazon ASAP :)

What is making all you lovely readers happy this week?!


Benny and Lily said...

Happee Valentine's Day
Benny & Lily

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Adele is played a lot on the Twin Cities stations. She's in Minneapolis May 26th and I have friends going...but I am not.

We had the most wonderful weather was 48 degrees. We had the windows open and ran around outside without a coat. Simply glorious.

Love Domino's picture! Have a great week!