Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Monday {22nd ed.} ~ on a Tuesday, oops!

Happy Happy Monday! (Its late, sorry!) Here is what is making me happy this week...

Winston & Squeak
Adorable :)
Yet another Etsy find!

Spending the past week reading all about Lisa's trip to Paris!
My blog friend Lisa went on a solo trip to Paris for her 30th birthday and has been blogging all about it. I am so jealous! Museums, runs along the Seine, wine in Parisian cafes, ahh...sigh...

Im know, Im a bit late on the frenzy, but I've been hesitant. I've been told by so many people that I would love it, and that I have to see it...but I didn't know how I felt about romanticizing a serial killer. It was on my Netflix instant queue though and 1 episode turned into 2, which turned into 7, yikes! I could write a whole blog about my thoughts about the societal views on serial killers, sociopaths, and the "eye for an eye" mentality.....but I decided to turn my analytical brain off for 54 minutes at a time and just enjoy it, because it is an awesomely addicting show!!
This outlook on life
This is exactly how I feel and what a great way to say it!
from here...
Puppy piles :)
Is there anything more cozy looking in the entire world?!
What is making you happy this week.....?

(This one is a bit random huh?!....I like it!)

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Thanks for the shout out - I am glad you enjoyed reading along and thank you so much for all the comments. It truly was the trip of a lifetime. I highly recommend a solo trip like that. Honestly couldn't have been a better week (well aside from the hellacious trip home!).

I am happy that it is no longer dark when I leave for work in the morning. And it's still sort of light out when I get home, too, which just makes a huge difference!