Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A very large baby

So, this is Domino

He is big, really big. But, scared of everything! We went to the park today and he peed his pants because 2 girls walked by us on the trail....these girls were maybe 18 and at the most 90lbs! He wont go out our door if our neighbors are outside. If someone is on the sidewalk when we are walking, we have to cross the street. Even worse, if there is a garage sale or other type of sign we need to make a circle around it or he will pee on the spot! I know what you are going to say; take him to training...tried that, he got nothing out of it because he was terrified before we even made it in the door (we had to trick him to get inside!). He loves us and feels completely safe when tucked between us in this big scary world, but thats about it.
So, help.....


dewdana said...

Now I see possible shepherd influences! His front half looks labbie and back half shepherdie! What a handsome boy. My boy is what I call a 'chicken hound' he gets scared by some odd things but not does not sound as scared as your guy (he would NEVER stand on a log though, that is dare devil stuff!). Training away fear is a challenge because it is an emotion not a behaviour but I have seen it improved in some cases. Have you see the show It's me or the dog' on Animal planet? I know grad school does not leave a lot of time for TV or money for cable, but it is a great show should you have the chance! Give him scratches for me!
Here are some examples of my chicken hound:

crystal said...

Oddly enough though, he dosen't really look like this anymore. The long shaggy hair has shrunk :)