Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ahh, the joys of free money!!

I found a $5 bill at the dog park today!!! I was so excited I screamed a little. I know this doesn't sound like much, but please remember that I am a starving graduate student making very very little money in the very very small amount of time that I can devote to working.

So here is how my emotional states went; I was overly excited (hence the screaming, I am a very quiet person generally, I cant even go through drive throughs because they don't hear me!). Then I realized that I got overly excited about $5 so I felt a little sorry for myself for needing to be so excited over $5. Then I realized that I am so happy to be using this difficult period in my life to fully enjoy the small things in life; going out to eat on the rare rare occasion that I can, buying the bottle of wine that actually has a year and type printed on it (not just "red"), buying a new book that I really really want, seeing a movie in a theatre (with popcorn!), and finding $5. I honestly fully appreciate these things that many people take for granted, that is a awesome thing!

So, I totally overanalyzed this $5 bill (I even thought long and hard about what to spend it on, yikes!) but I am a grad student in psychology and a Pisces; that is a double whammy for overanalyzing everything :) But hey, without the overanalyzing I never would have found my wonderful little silver lining of happiness in my ever so broke existence!


shnitzngiggles said...

love finding money! i think it's not so much the amount you find that matters, but instead the luck you feel, like good things are gonna happen

Mr. Congo said...

I definitely know what you mean. Finding any amount of money is great. The best is when you go to put on some jeans you haven't worn in a while, you reach down in your pocket and bam! You feel some paper. You may think it's an old receipt at first, but's cash baby!