Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My sincere condolences

The news here in Seattle is often very difficult to watch as I am sure it is in many big cities. It is so surreal to hear a 60 second clip about a violent death immediately by a clip about a street fair or something else awkwardly festive. I have noticed lately that I am becoming immune to the terrible stories because of this format and have tried to make a point to fully attend to the depressing parts in respect for the people involved. I had to make no great measures to do so when this story came up though; South Park stabbing victim had taste for life

These women were violently attacked by a stranger at 3am while they were sleeping. They finally made it outside only for one to watch her partner die in the street naked and covered in blood. It goes without saying that Nobody should ever have to go through this!

This plays into my greatest fears of being viciously attacked in my sleep and watching someone I love die violently in my arms. I think that it was those factors along with the fact that they were a lesbian couple that made the story affect me so much. The reports are saying that it is not suspected to be a hate crime. My own paranoia makes me suspicious and the reminder that this hate is still out there is very scary for me. Everyone has the right to be who they are openly, without the fear of being victimized for it.

So people, please please sleep with windows closed (even in this heat). It is terrible that we have to do that, but if this was a random act, a simple little factor like an open window could have been the perp's deciding point. Also, remember that hate crimes do exist and do what you can to advocate against bigotry, we need to be past the point in our society where this is a valid fear!

Finally, my deepest sympathy to the partner and family of this woman. Life should not have to include this terrible form of grief.

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Anonymous said...

Talk about terrifying! The fact that anyone should have to even consider whether or not this was a hate crime tells me that this country has a problem, and that people who would commit such an act exist in numbers enough that it should be a possibility. That in itself is sickening.

Mr. Congo said...

Peoople get crazier and crazier each year.

bumblebeesies said...

aye aye mr.congo

The Drama Queen said...

i don't know if i agree about people getting crazier and crazier. about 100 years ago, any homosexual would've been hung for even sleeping with someone of the same sex. i think our general society is becoming more accepting, but there are still some crazies out there who feel it is "their duty" to rid the world of people who are not exactly like everyone else. it's sad, but true.

crystal said...

I agree that we are definitely making huge steps forward. I just think we need to remember that stuff like this still does happen which is proof that bigotry (in all of it's ugly forms) is still a part of our society.