Monday, October 11, 2010

it does get better!

Well, in honor of National Coming Out day, I wanted to share something that I think is pretty amazing. The It gets better project was started by a columnist at the Stranger here in Seattle. It was meant to honor the kids who have recently committed suicide due to bigotrous bullying. The idea was just to have a simple space on youtube for people to share videos that could give hope to GLBTQ students in middle and high school. Its often a very hard time for a teenager who is coming to terms with their own sexuality in the midst of a potentially very hostile environment, kids can be very cruel!

This campaign has become amazingly huge though! There are thousands of videos, many from famous and influential people, and it has even been featured on the national news. All of this is amazing of course, but the best part is that will all of this attention it is likely reaching thousands and thousands of struggling teens out there and letting them know that it really truly does get better. The bullies and bigots are the ones who grow up to be miserable adults, we get to be the stronger and happier ones. Hang in there guys because its actually quite great to be a sexual minority in the adult world! :)

Oh, and happy coming out day!! You can celebrate by either sharing your coming out story with someone or by lending an ear for someone to share theirs with you...


Benny and Lily said...

great post lady! Thanks
Benny & Lily

kym said...

Wonderful post, so glad you wrote about this.

Happy Coming Out Day to you!!