Friday, September 24, 2010

Awkward Family Photos!

I am so addicted to the Awkward Family and Pet Photo websites! I just love the things that people choose to do in family pictures. Here are a few of my favorites....
Ok, the look on this horse's face is absolutely priceless!! 

This is just too beautifully and awkwardly dramatic to me. I want to meet this family!!

And here is my awkward family photo. I actually happen to love it though, its by far my favorite picture of us! :) Oh the 80s.....
Who else wants to share and awkward family photo or moment? Come on, you know you have one!!


Mel's Way or No Way said...

Okay, so now I've gotta look around and find a picture.

That first picture...Ewww!!! So wrong!!

kym said...

I couldn't even figure out the first photo for a minute...ewww. lol

I don't have alot of old family photos, my dad has them and I know there are some awful ones of me!

Did you leave a comment on my blog?? I'm having a giveaway.

Heathrow's World said...

Umm, love the feathering and hairspray!

rachelgab said...

oh god, wait til you see this. This was family photo day at the synagogue.

crystal said...

Mel ~ Im waiting..... :)
Kym ~ I totally entered your giveaway! I also saw my button on your page, yay thanks!!!
Heather ~ You know you rocked the feathering back in the day ;)
Rachel ~ I dont even know what to!!