Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Whateveryouwanaka!!!

I love the Gap commercial! The first time that I saw it I thought of the coexist stickers that always make me smile. I didn't see any reason for controversy....Then I went to find a link to the video so I could write this blog. I realized that there is a big controversy and even a boycott! Apparently using the term "whateveryouwanaka" while singing and dancing in a joyful manner is disrespectful! Who knew?!

I just feel so strongly that everyone deserves the right to their own beliefs. I hate hearing religious teachings that say they are the only possibility. (I will fight the urge to step up on my soap box again by just providing the link to the last time!) Why can't everyone just believe in what they feel comfortable believing in and celebrate accordingly?! I think that singing "Happy Whateveryouwanaka" is a perfect way to get that point across!!


dewdana said...

Hunh? Disrespectful to who? I can't even fathom that being offensive and think if you Somone who is that sensitive you must be offended all the time! Whatev! This is the time of year I lay low anyway. If the entire month of Dec was wiped off the calendar it would be fine by me. Ok very bah humbug I guess!
I have gotten the kong stuffing before and it is expensive and I think not so good for doggies at least no better than cheez whiz which is a lot cheaper! I am not allowed to buy things like that since TWICE I left the can out and came home to find the cans chewed into sharp twisted metal so I don't trust myself! Hope domino likes the recipe though. If he is not a crazy chewer you might want to make it easier by leaving the carrot sticking out a bit. As long as he does not give up then it is not too hard! ;-)
sorry to ramble!

Jason said...

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