Friday, November 13, 2009

Being a Barbie does not get you through life!

I have held off blogging about this ignorant bigot for quite a while, but I can't hold back anymore! As if her close minded views on homosexuality are not enough! I am so sick of hearing her talk. Everything that comes out of her mouth is so fraught with entitlement and...well ignorance! I just want to scream at her that her boring typical blonde plastic looks do not equate with perfection or universal adoration. Does she really think she is more popular or powerful than Larry King who has been around forever?
She eminates this idea that she is 100% right and everyone agrees with her and she should get whatever she wants in life! She is so incredibly close minded and vapid to me! Get a personality and formulate your own beliefs! There is nothing less attractive or more sad to me than a typical society derived "attractive" person who relies on their looks to get them through life. You are not entitled Carrie!!

In this next video she acts like she just stopped a terrorist bomber or something! She also acts like this Miss USA conflict was the hardest thing she has ever gone through, what a privelegded sheltered little life she has led. This is my favorite quote though, "Im disgusted at the way some people can be so intolerant" Come on Carrie, lets try some insight!!

By the way, the group she is speaking to here is the "family research council" and they fight for "preference in public policies for heterosexual marriage and the traditional family." Very likely the same people who posted signs all around my neighborhood that stated "Protect children; reject Ref 71" like we are some sort of child devouring aliens or something! Well guess what, those signs didn't work and neither will your new spokesperson "Carrie the Bigotrous Barbie"!!


Sarah said...

they say all self righteous people have something to hide. guess what? her sex tape just came out!

Mel's Way or No Way said...

There are no words to describe the ignorance of this self-absorbed jackass!

I'm going to have to check out this sex tape though.