Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Apparently a conversation starter!

I have these sleeves, technically they are gloves I guess. I love them! They are my favorite item of clothing. Well, aside from some of my heels but school has succeeded at completely taking away my life, so I never get to wear heels anymore! Anyways, I love these sleeves. I have noticed an interesting phenomenon though. Every time I wear them I get a comment from an older man. Not a sexual or attraction sort of comment, just something about my sleeves. Its usually a comment such as "those are interesting" "arent your elbows cold" "did you make those, they are so unique?!" Generally a conversation is started through this comment which is actually kind of nice.
I started to notice this trend on the first day this fall that I wore them. A man on the train who was probably in his upper 50s commented on them and it started a conversation about regional weather trends and some tv show I had never heard of. Then, a man on the bus who was probably late 50s asked me if I made them which started a conversation about his volunteer work making shirts for veterans (Happy Veteran's Day by the way!). Then again on my way home a man in his 60s or 70s told me his wife would love them! I just thinks its really interesting that my gloves draw the admiration of older men who likely would not be wearing them. I have no thoughts on an explanation for this, I do fully enjoy the conversations though :)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ooo those are fun! I just bought a pattern to knit a solid colored version of those!

crystal said...

Lisa - you should sell them on Etsy, I would buy some :)

Good Conversation Starters said...

Yes! This is very nice.... More please..