Friday, October 23, 2009

Squishy is the Queen!

This is how you make a bed when a cat is laying on the rumpled up corner...

She glared at me the entire time with a look that said, "do not even think about moving me to make this bed!!" I didnt! Anyone with a female cat knows that there is no point in pretending like you are in charge!!

ps: I was running late this morning also because she laid (all comfy looking) on my back as I was trying to get up! :)

pps: Don't laugh at our polar bear sheets. They were on sale and they are they are purple and I think they are cute!!

And a cute picture of Domino with his head out the window on the way to the dog park....just because its furry friday!


Anonymous said...

Your animals are hillarious! My pets never do anything cool lol. Hope all is well!


dewdana said...

funny! I am allergic to cats so don't know much about them but they sure seem like curious creatures! Scratches to Domino! Such a handsome and lucky boy headed to the park :-)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ah, your pets are so cute!

I do not pass judgment on bedding. Afterall, I bought my college bedding from the kids dept at Kohls and that is seriously one of my fave comforters I've ever had!