Monday, October 19, 2009

I like animals more than I like most people!

Really, I do. I am a very very good pet mom. I went into debt in order to give my baby an extra year for cripes sakes! Plus I take care of other people's pets very well in all the different arenas that I have done so in my life (vet jobs, pet sitting, etc..).

Well today, I have had someone accuse me of neglecting their cat and yell at me for saying that I believe dogs should be neutered! What is going on in my world today?!

I was at the dog park and a lovely (sarcasm please!) lady came in with her unaltered doberman. He instantly started fighting with another male directly in front of me so I simply stated "thats what happens with 2 unneutered male dogs." She got all defensive saying "no, he's just playing..trying to show he is boss." I was quiet for a bit. Then, he got into 2 more fights that she had to break up by standing between the dogs. During one of these, Domino was right in the middle. He can't read aggression, so he just sulked over to me, scared and confused. The owner of the other dog is somone who I have talked to a few times and she is constantly contimplating wheather or not to neuter her dog. (Why this is such a decision is beyond me!) I told her that she may want to leave before the dogs get themselves hurt and informed her (yet again) that unneutered males often fight like this. Well, the doberman lady heard this and went crazy! She said "I work in the vet clinic down the road so I know that isnt true!" to which I replied (calmly) "Ive worked in vet clinics for 10 years and I have seen many injured dogs from male aggression fights." I also said that I was surprised she had a purebred, unneutered, ear and tail docked dog since she claimed to work in a vet clinic. Most people in clinics have compassion enough to at least not torture their dog in these ways, and dont get me started on the mutt over purebred argument! She claimed that her clinic dosent hold that belief "they believe in the breed!" which was a bunch of bs and simply her way of justifying her selfish desire to have a purebred fake showdog.

Meanwhile, I am keeping an eye on the dogs. Her dog keeps picking fights with the males. Domino is sticking to the sidelines, confused about the lack of friendly playing. And, people are 1 by 1 taking their dogs either home or into the other dog park area. Oblivious lady though, still thinks that she is right and her dog is "just playing." Awesome. Although I completely stick to my belief that dogs should be neutered except in the very very rare occasion that you are actually a responsible and well intentioned breeder (rare rare case!). I still was upset by this lady challenging me and telling everyone that they do not need to neuter their dogs.

The other case; a lady I was cat sitting for this weekend completely lied to my boss and said I neglected her cat! I love cats and this one's name was Purple, anyone who knows me knows that I would never neglect a cat..expecially not one named Purple! So although my boss believes me and I am sure the lady was just trying to get a free service, It still stung.

Reasons number 1275 and 1276 why I like animals more than people! :)


Mel's Way or No Way said...

I applaud your efforts bt speaking up. I know it fell on deaf ears but sometimes trying to educate is all you can do.

crystal said...

Well said Mel, thanks for the support! Also, hats off to Bob Barker, I work under his philosophy; if you say it enough, its bound to sink in with some people! :)

dewdana said...

I have seen that same situation at the dog park on occasion (fortunately rare). I totally agree about neutering but if you are not going to neuter you should at least know your dog well enough to know what situations he can handle. If she is not concerned about other dogs I wonder if she has considered that her dog may lose a fight and get hurt or hurt another dog so badly that she get sued and he is taken away from her and euthanized. If you love your dog you keep them out of situations that could end badly for them as much as possible. Sorry to ramble, I also applaud your standing up to her... I would not do it but wish I would!
And once again Moose and Domino are twins! He backs down from direct confrontations with any dog and wanders away when other dogs are bickering and he does look totally confused by it! Good dogs!

Anonymous said...

I agree that you should neuter/spay your pets. We have two male dogs and until we got them neutered, they fought and tore each other up very badly. We still can't let them in the same room with each other. Do you have any clue why they would still be so aggressive towards each other?

By the way, you've been tagged!!


Anonymous said...

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