Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ignorance in full display

There was a guy on the train this morning complaining about the health care debate because, "the only people without health care are the lazy ones who don't work or the ones who decide to spend their money on tvs and stuff instead!" Seriously buddy?! I am a full time grad student who chooses (maybe not the right word...forced is more like it!) to buy textbooks instead of health care...not tvs! My application got dropped from Washington state basic health because of "budget cuts" and I can't afford any other coverage.

Also, because people are fighting to take away my equality rights within my relationship (vote to approve ref 71 please!) I wouldn't be able to be covered by Rachel's insurance even if she had it!

I understand that there is a misuse of the system currently in place and that there are likely many people acting in just the manner that he was speaking of. But, keep your judgemental ignorant display to yourself. Those of us working our asses off to better our situations don't need to hear that during our morning commute!

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