Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Monday {48th Ed.}

Happy Happy Monday everyone, here is what is making me smile...

Baggy Cozy Fall Outfits
I love absolutely everything about these looks, they are comfy and scream fall!
see more of her cute outfits here
this one is just too perfect for words!
Bright Tattoos
I find it interesting that there seems to be 2 types of tattoo people, those who like color and those who only have black and gray. I am definitely a color type!
gorgeous, no?
loooove this one!
Banana French Toast
Really any kind of french toast, but banana...oooh, or banana nutella french toast, yeah I think I am drooling!! We had brunch at a place called the Happy Gnome (which was awesome by the way) and there is really no better meal than lazy Sunday brunch with calorific french toast and mimosas :)
Rusty Taco
Sounds bad, I know, but name aside, this restaurant rocks! They have really really good authentic tacos and all you can eat chips with fresh made guacamole, yum! Plus, it is right next to Trader Joe's so it is our weekly Sunday lunch stop.
What is making you smile lately? 

Oh and ps: Happy Halloween!! 


Mel's Way or No Way said...

The French toast looks awesome...not so much like breakfast but definitely a treat. I'll take mine with a HUGE latte please.

This Monday morning I'm happy for Advil cold and Sinus pills. Hey don't laugh, it's the only thing that got me up and moving this morning.

Have a great day lady!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love the Happy Gnome! It's fun to hear you talk about places I am familiar with! :) I haven't heart of Rusty Taco, though! Sounds delish!

I am loving the beautiful fall weather, the fact that I am finally starting to feel better after being leveled by a horrible sinus infection , and I am loving that I got a great book from the library this week that is so hard to put down (The Postmistress - it was a slow start, but now I am loving it).

Two French Bulldogs said...

cool tat
Happee Halloween
Benny & Lily