Monday, August 16, 2010

They never get it quite right...

You know when you read a good book, one where the author gives you amazing character development and you have a rich, familiar, detailed picture of each person in your head? You can go through the whole book along with this person who you can practically see! Then the movie comes along and...wait, that isn't who I saw! You know that feeling? I hate it!

Im finishing up the Millenium trilogy (aka: "the girl who...." books!) and have not yet watched the movies because I really didn't want to ruin the pictures of these characters that I have been so attached to throughout their stories. Well, I just saw the covers to the Swedish version of the movie and the discussions over who will play the lead characters in the American version and well, they just didn't get it right! :(

So, I am proposing the people who I would cast. That is if I had the means to create a movie based on the characters that have developed in my head! Here it goes;

Lisbeth: Kristen Stewart ~ I've put a lot of thought into this one, I started with Shane from the L word but that didn't feel quite right, then Dakota Fanning who I thought could transform to play her perfect. But when I was looking for a pic of Dakota that would fit what I had in mind, this one popped up! This is the exact picture I have of Lisbeth, strong and independent but also awkward and shy. Perfect! How did I not think of you Kristen?! (this also reinforces my mysterious crush on Lisbeth! ;) ~ )
Mikael: Bruce Willis ~ He was hard for me, my picture doesn't really fit anyone. Basically though, I see him as tough and somewhat rugged, but also charming in his own quirky way and definitely very compassionate, but maybe with a struggle to show it. Sounds like Bruce to me :)
Erika Berger: Sharon Stone ~ Strong, self confident, outgoing, independent, beautiful, and with a big personality. She has gotta be Sharon!
Zala: Jason Alexander ~ I don't really know why because I like the guy (Jason, not Zala!), its just that his physical characteristics are exactly how I pictured him! I think his ego is way too big for his stout little body (again, Zala, not Jason).
Niedermann: There is just nobody who I can think of that would fit the oaf of a man in my head!! Sort of like a cross between Vin Diesel and Owen Wilson.....

What do you guys think? Do any of these people fit your picture? Who is your Lisbeth?!
This is what I love about books, the reader is free to impart their own images and views. So we can all be reading the same words, but have completely independent images running through the text!


Heathrow's World said...

Why do I not know these books? I need to do some library requesting...

crystal said...

Oh my goodness Heather, yes you do!! They are great :)