Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Domino is only the prettiest BBD this side of the Mississippi!!

And he is in a BBD contest to prove it! What is a BBD you ask? A Big Black Dog! Why is there a contest and why do they have an odd acronym? Well, Moose's post explains it in much more detail. But basically any big black dog in a shelter or adoption agency is destined for difficulties. They are often the last to be picked and get passed up for the "more colorful" dogs. There are many hypotheses about this; 

They don't photograph well (the one I have heard the most often and the most ridiculous, I mean just look at how adorable he is!!)
They look scary (again, really?!)
They are less exciting. 
Whatever the reason though, I disagree with them all. I think everyone should have a BBD! Thanks to Dexter for making that point and sharing the BBD love!!!
Oh, and keep your paws crossed for Domino to win :)


Mango said...

Lovely post. I will update the link.


Ms. ~K said...

Black Dogs Rock!!!!