Friday, July 16, 2010

To Kindle or not to Kindle.....?

Ive been so painfully torn about the Kindle reading device from Amazon ever since it came out! On one hand; I love that its easy to carry around, can fit a ton of books, gets new books very quickly, and has a dictionary built in! (I usually have both a book and a dictionary on hand!) Plus this commercial and song are brilliantly charming to me!

On the other hand though; I LOVE books! I love the feel of a book and the pages and mostly the smell! (I sound a bit odd, I know) The one thing that has been tipping me towards the kindle side though is the fact that you can put it on "speak mode." This means that I could read it anywhere and then also listen to it in my car. That is the one thing that books cant do. Side note: I love audio books for my car and I have tried syncing a book that I am actually reading with an audio book while Im driving....didn't work so well, its frustratingly hard to try and find your place every time you switch! mom knows about my decision struggle and decided to take me out of my misery and just get me one! Awesome right? Yay!! I have ordered a few books and am ready to try it out. Stay tuned.....

I know I have fellow book lovers out there, so does anyone else have one? Thoughts?


Lynn said...

Ha ha! Good for you! I will love to hear about how you feel about it after a while!

Heathrow's World said...

I love the smell of books too! OMG! It brings me back to being 10 years old in the library in Port Huron...walking in there, thinking HOW in the world will I ever read everything I want to??
Love it.