Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ahh, the life of a server!

I am kicking myself for not finding blogging until after I finally left the hell hole world of the restaurant business!! Damn, that would have been the epitome of cathartic! Maybe I would have been able to keep the horrible thoughts from seeping out in my facial expressions and the ever so mature "leaving table mumbles" if I had an outlet to vent. But alas, I did not think of blogging until later *sigh*.

Recently though, I found a few blogs of servers who did discover the wonders of cathartic blogging while still stuck in the job from hell. They are all a wonderful reminder of why I am choosing to be painfully poor during my last leg of school rather than go back to.....well, there really is not better label than hell!! (can you tell I hated serving?!)

This blog, Girl and a Guitar, is about a Hooters server....and I thought Outback was a hotbed of cheap pickup lines; yikes!

The Bitchy Waiter says everything that continually goes through your mind as a server, think of that the next time you ask your server for a different kind of condiment every time they pass your table, or want separate tickets after the meal is over, or...well you get the idea!

And the good old classic, Waiter Rant :)

Oh boy, I do not miss it!!!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I worked at Whitey's in Grand Forks all through college and dear God, a venting blog would have been fantabulous. Oh the stories I could tell. I think that every person should have to work in the food service industry at some point during their life. It gives you an appreciation/respect for wait staff!!

crystal said...

Lisa - I didn't know you worked at Whitey's, I love that place!! Im sure there were some good stories out of there, it could be a bit crazy at times! I know I have asked a million times, but what years were you at UND?
Oh and I totally agree, everyone should have to spend at least one night waiting tables before ever being allowed to eat in a restaurant!

thisamericantourist said...

My mom was a waitress, way back when, and the horror stories she told were enough to make me swear to myself that I whatever crappy, pay-the-bills job I got, it would never be one serving food. I don't envy any of you.

Lynn said...

I agree! I agree! EVERYONE should be required to be a server for a bit! And I am not talking a month- 6 months minimum, working at least part time at a restaurant- not fast food either, I thought fast food (3 years) was a totally different (and easier) beast than table serving (6.5 years)!!!

crystal said...

Wow Lynn, how do you really feel?!

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Ah, waitressing. I would rather sell my blood and organs than go back to that!