Monday, January 11, 2010

Pet hair!!

This is my biggest complaint (not that there are very many!) about pet ownership!! Pet hair everywhere! My first dog, Beau, was a Siberian Husky...and I lived in North Dakota with him (the land of extreme weather) meaning that he shed an inexplicable amount, so you would think I would be used to hair everwhere. The back seat of my car will actually forever be covered in his hair!

But no, I am still on a perpetual mission to find a way to rid my life of pet hair. I have tried special vacuum cleaners, hair "wands", giant sticky name it, I have tried it! Currently, we have a black dog and a white cat, meaning that there are no clothing options that don't show hair. Our apartment is covered in area rugs because there is a linoleum problem (don't ask) and the combination of multiple floor types and the pet hair is impossible to conquer! The rugs are hard to vacuum, the linoleum is only visable in sporadic areas and around the baseboards, so hair collects there in completely inconvenient places! (picture me screaming...and hair flying into my mouth, most likely!!)

Help!! I know I have fellow pet hair sufferers out there in blog world, I need ideas. I'm clean out of them!!


Tina said...

I have pets and no ideas. The only solution for combining pets and no hair is a poodle which doesn't shed..or a mexican hairless. Otherwise, can't help you or myself, but I'm with you sister!

Mel's Way or No Way said...

My honey often asks why of all the dog breeds I chose these long haired ones.

We killed several vacuums; actually they rolled themselves out the front door squealing with their cords tucked under them. We gave up and purchased a small 4 gallon shop vac. It works the best.

Otherwise we purchase lint/hair rollers in bulk. Good luck with the battle. :)

Grgg said...

I have a black lab and a black cat. And we're thinking about getting another dog soon...

My advice? A robot vacuum cleaner that vacuums every day. We got one in August, and while it's FAR from perfect, it's a heck of a lot better than it has been. We're not embarassed to have guests anymore!!

Our vacuum is a roomba, we got it on sale for about 600 US$, and even though that broke the bank that month, it was money WELL spent.

Heathrow's World said...

I am remembering being in the backseat of your car with Beau hair flying everywhere. Amusing.
I have no ideas for you either. Suffer I guess?
We do confine the dogs to one room while we're gone for the day, has seemed to help a lot, but there are still swirls of hair everywhere.
OH, the best way to get it off the floor? Put your crawling kid in fleece jammies, the pj's collect the hair like no tomorrow!

dewdana said...

I have a roomba in my back closet collecting dust! It had a special brush for pet hair and I did not do a great job IMO. Plus the reservoir is tiny and will likely need to be emptied after 2 uses. My real problem was that there can be no cords that it might run over or anything on the floor that will jam it up. I am not exactly a slob but it seemed to always find something on the floor! If you have area rugs it will get stuck on the edges of most of them. If you have furniture with a few inches space under it it will not fit under it an tumbleweeds of hair will appear. In short I felt it was a bit of a hassle for my home AND did not do a great job. I got a slim dyson and have never been happier. No way around having to vacuum but when you are done it is CLEAN. Works great and sofas and such too. Suction is strong enough to pull hair out of places I can't easily reach making it easier to get it all. As for the car, the BEST thing ever is a 'back seat hammock' unlike a seat cover it will keep hair off the seat AND the floor. Plus when you want to let people ride back there it is really easy to unhook it from headrests and get it out of the way. Plus it is safer riding for the dog since they can't fall off the seat!
Hope that helps!