Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More bus humor

Every regular public transportation patron knows the unwritten rule of relative silence that is expected. This is particularly true on the early morning commute, everyone needs their time to silently prep for the day. When someone misses the memo and babbles on loudly either to their neighbor or on the phone, it is pretty obvious. You can see the other people looking around in disgust. How do you not realize that everyone is silently stewing while listening to your obnoxious conversation?!

Well, I heard the best of the best (...well worst, I guess) this week on my morning bus ride. Everyone was silently riding the bus minding their own business, then this woman walked on, yapping away on her cell phone. Here is how the conversation went;

Mom, you have to come! We need three people so we can afford it!
(all other bus riders sighing and groaning as she enters and disrupts their morning relax time)
Mom! Its not that I don't know how much it will be.
Ok, so the rooms are $67 and we need three of if you come then we can split it 3 ways.
(more groaning)
I dont know how much that will be mom!
(other now look around with a glint of humor emerging)
Mom, I don't know, how am I supposed to just know how much it will be? It cant be that much the rooms are cheap and we only need 3, plus we are splitting it 3 ways!
(people are now sharing humorous glances)
Ok ok jeesh mom, Ill figure it out, I think my phone has a calculator.
(now she is yelling into the phone while she calculates this difficult math problem out on her phone's calculator)
Ok mom, here I am using my calculator. So it will be $67 times 3 rooms...and then divided by 3 people.....(pause for calculations)...see mom it will only be $67, thats cheap!
(people now are holding back their laughter)
Mom, its gotta be right, I used my calculator!...Fine, Ill figure it out again; $67 times 3 and then divided by 3....yeah, see its $67, thats what I said the first time right? Or no, I thought it was less than that, here Ill do it again....(and so it continued)

Ahh the entertainment of public transportation...


Grgg said...

OMG she gets around... I think I saw her on the bus yesteday ;o)

Mel's Way or No Way said...

What a dumbass!
Thanks for the giggle.

dewdana said...

Wow, funny and scary too. I am not the best at math in my head but really!
Glad you commented on my test post because it was not meant to be live! I have a test blog that I posted it to and the app obviosly posted it to my real blog! Glad I didn't put anything too embarassing in it ha ha!