Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No internet for a week?!

Our cable and internet have been down now since Sunday. I can go without cable, we only have a few channels anyways. But, loosing internet is like loosing a limb! Rachel called and scheduled a repair for today. Although I was not excited about the 4 hour timeblock that I had to be home for, I was very much anticipating the return of internet signal. Apparently my expectations were too high...

The cable guy was there for over an hour trying to figure out what was wrong. Side note: this completely freaked out Domino of course. He tried to shove his 100+ pound body under our bed numerous times! He came back in to say that the cable line was ruined and would need to be reburied.....sometime within the next week! Being pessimistically suspicious, I asked what he thought happened to it. He said that it went around our neighbors part of the house and was both intertwined with all their crap behind the house and had been dug up and chewed by their dog...as I suspected. He gave me an apologetic look and said we would be called with a more definite date.

This is what the back of their portion of the house looks like;

So, the cable line is underneath and tangled between this junk yard! Plus, their poor little chihuahua is tied up on the side of the house all day long. Of course she chews on cable lines and breaks free to roam around. (Something else she does that bothers me because I know I am going to come home someday to see her dead in the street!)

I hate them! They sit home all day doing nothing with their lives aside from impeding on ours. I am a busy grad student and I need internet!! Not to mention, we pay $62 a month to have it!

So, that is my rant session. I am currently sitting in the library "quiet zone" (dont get me started on loud libraries!) waiting for an email from my professor and listening to 2 teenage boys gossip about their myspace. I am frustrated.


cantbe50! said...

Oh the things we appreciate from the trials we've had...there will never be a PHD-to-be who will appreciate their nice home in the country more than you! :) Can't wait to help you move!!

cantbe50! said...

Hey this gives me an idea for my very first blog..."The world's worst neighbor contest".

Here's my contribution...