Friday, September 18, 2009

Furry Friday

I'm going to talk about other people's pets on this furry friday. I do pet sitting as a pseudo-part time job right now and this, even more than working in vet clinics, has made me realize that there are some funny pets out there...and some even funnier owners!
(all names are made up by the way, gotta maintain the anonymity of these kids!)

Marty, Matt, and Gill: These guys rock! They have so much personality that I think they may be comedians in furry form :) Gill is a chubby cat who morphs into a pirrhana at dinner time. He actually needs to be removed from the rest of the food bowls or he will dive in with no regard for the other teeth that are in the way. Matt is a oversized cat who acts like a human. He is bigger than most small breed dogs that I have seen and "talks" like crazy. Marty is the dog of the family and is a wonderful sweetheart!
(Not Oliver, just an example of the cart!)
Oliver: This one is a doosy! He is a really old dog that is past his due date! He "walks" with a cart and needs to take breaks to cough up some phlem about ever 5 steps or so. He wears diapers because he has "lost function" but I think he really just likes people wiping his butt for him! Although it sounds pretty funny, its actually very sad. It is my firm belief that we are given a gift through the ability to euthanize our pets and that we should have the strength to be able to pass that gift on to them when it is time.

Carrie and Gaston: If ever anyone has a fear or hatred of pitbulls, they need to meet these 2. Carrie is the sweetest girl ever, although quite a bed hog. Gaston is like a 5 year old boy who needs his Ritalin! He actually has a treadmill in the house just for him! They are 2 beautiful, rescued pits who I absolutely love!

(again, not him, just showing how darn cute they are!)
Dobby: This guy is the epitome of a lack of stranger danger! He is an adorable italian greyhound who thinks that the world is his best friend. He slept inbetween my legs within 10 minutes of meeting me. For anyone who has never seen an italian greyhound, they are basically miniture versions of a greyhound and they look (and are sometimes) very fragile! Picture that, now try sleeping with one tucked under your arm, in bed, under the covers! Adorable, but slightly anxiety provoking :)

I love meeting animals and being witness to their amazing personalities. We have to thank the brave scientists out there like Jane Goodall who broke through the absurd belief that animals have no emotions. Spend 5 minutes with one and it is readily apparent that they are emotional beings with distinct personalities. What would the world be without our furry friends for love and entertainment?!

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Anonymous said...

That's sad about Oliver. I think you're right on about knowing when our pets are ready to go...after a while, it's not fair to keep them around any longer. It's so hard though...I've never actually heard of an Italian greyhound, but that picture is so cute! This post made me smile. :)