Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bella the queen :)

We pug-sat for a friend a little bit ago and I just came across these pics, so I wanted to share. She ruled the nest for the few days that she was here....and our submissive Domino loved every minute of it!
"Oh hi Bella, come look at my bed! Its cool huh?!"
"Look mom, Bella is on my bed, we are friends!!"
"Its, my bed now, you silly boy!!"

Yup, Bella ruled the house for her 10 day stay!! 


Rachel said...

oh how i miss the bella!!!

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Bella looks just like the pug I had growing up. So cute.

Yes those pugs will rule at every opprotunity they get-especially those women. A silly lab is no match for them. :)

B said...

Its funny how Bella was a better lil guard dog than Domino is.

crystal said...

Oh not to be fooled, Domino would do his "guard dog duty"...he just would be awfully stressed out about it :) Oh and no, he is no match for the furry little females!!