Thursday, December 10, 2009

2 years already?!

Yesterday was my 2 year anniversary with Rachel...awhh! Not to be sappy but its really amazing how quickly time goes. The thought of how quickly time flies for some reason makes me think of how fragile life is and how much it can be left unacknowledged. It has been a great 2 years, so here is my overview of appreciation :)

What do I love about "us".....
-Feeling connected and having it feel good, even in my isolated individualistic manner.
-That we find eachother funny, and also acknowledge that most other people probably do not!
-That she has become an animal lover and fully appreciates the quirkiness of Squash as well as my own quirkiness in my passion for animals.
-The way we sleep, not cuddling but still connected :)
-Struggling together...even when it seems too hard.
-Inside jokes and stories, which are all hilarious by the way!
-That "Beatrix" (our new GPS) may have just saved our relationship, or at least saved us from quite a few fights...and its ok to rely on her for such a big task!
-"the other way" ;)
-Saturday nights playing scrabble in our pjs.
-That we somehow made even a place like Apple Lane feel like a home.
-Feeling supported and encouraged, even when I feel like stress is breaking me into a million pieces.
-That we are very different and yet somehow very much alike.
-Learning more about myself as an individual and as a part of a unit.
-That we have finally figured out how to effectively make joint decisions (not an easy task!)
-Being confused moms to a large, hairy, unruly "child!"
-and of course...feeling loved!

I love you honey! Here's to 100 more.....


Lynn said...

Very sweet- Happy Anniversary! I was just in the car yesterday with my MIL and we were talking about you and I said "I know her anniversary has to be coming up here any day..." how funny! I was thinking about you guys!

Anonymous said...

This post really cheered me up a lot...I was all depressed about my love life, then I come here and read all these great things you love about your gf. I'm really glad you guys have such a great relationship, you deserve it. Here's to many more years together!


Rachel said...

honey you made me cry, that was so sweet! i love you more! and i am so lucky you picked me!!!

Mom said... BOTH made me cry!

Rachel, you've not only become an animal lover but also a mushball!! :)

Thank you for loving my daughter like you do, she's happy which of course makes Mom happy.

Happy Anniversary to two beautiful, special girls.

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Very sweet...and congrats on the anniversary.
It's hard to find someone to connect so well with but when it happens, it's simply amazing.